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Work Release

Work release is set up so that inmates who are sentenced to the prison and have jobs can keep their jobs as long as they meet criteria set up by the prison.


Inmates on work release pay $90 per week while on work release; the inmates have to make payments to any court ordered fees, fines, or costs they have incurred.

Conditions of Work Release

  • The prison verifies the inmate's job and hours. The inmate also has to have insurance and transportation to his work place and back.
  • When the inmate leaves the prison, he is given enough time to get to his work place work and return. Inmates are not allowed to go anywhere other than to and from work unless the prison gives them permission.
  • The prison does not tolerate any abuses in the program and inmates who do find themselves sitting off work for a period of time or being removed from work release altogether.
  • Work release inmates are randomly tested for drug and alcohol use and any positive test is reason for removal from the program.

Benefits of Work Release

One very good reason for having a work release program is the inmate's family. Without the inmate working, the family might have to go on welfare to survive while the inmate is serving his sentence.

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