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Contacting an Inmate

Contacting by Mail

You may send mail via the U.S. Postal Service to any Venango County Inmate. Mail falls under the following rules:

  • The mail cannot include items such as, crayons, gel pens, glitter, music cards, stickers, cash, newspaper clippings (or photo copies), books with violence or gang affiliation, or hardback books.
  • All mail is searched for unauthorized items prior to the inmate receiving it.
  • You may not drop off any correspondence to inmates; it must go through the mail.
  • All mail must have a complete return address including name.

Address for Inmates

Address mail to inmates as follows:
(Inmate's Name)
Venango County Prison
1186 Elk Street
Franklin, PA 16323

Contacting by Phone

The inmates have the ability to make outside telephone calls to family and friends. These calls are made through Securus Technologies.

Phone calls are subject to the following rules and regulations:

  • The inmate may choose up to 10 people they wish to call while incarcerated.
  • Inmates are allowed to make collect calls from the institution during regular block out hours.
  • They cannot receive calls or make 3 way calls.


Provided by: Securus Technologies, 1-800-844-6591

The inmates have the ability to make outside telephone calls to family and friends. These calls are made through the inmate telephone (Securus). Telephone calls are a privilege. Telephones are provided in each cell block allowing reasonable and equitable access to all inmates.  Phones can be accessed 7 days per week from 0830-1030 hrs; 1230 hrs-1430 hrs; and1730-2230 hrs. Calls may be collect or through a Debit Service at a rate of $0.21 per minute plus applicable fees charged by phone vendor. Phones calls are limited to 15 minutes.

You may occasionally be told the number is restricted.  The most common reasons are; the receiving party may have excess charges accumulated, or you may have exceeded the weekly number of calls to the number you are calling.

The prison may terminate a phone call at any time as a result of an emergency occurring in the facility.  If your call is terminated prematurely, you will only be charged for the time you were on the phone.

Jail Voicemail

This facility offers Jail Voicemail for $1.99,the fastest way for your family and friends to leave important personal messages for you. You can access your personal voicemails by using the same speed dial you use today to check your inmate information. If you have a message waiting for you the system will notify you.


Inmates can view their messages and photos via Kiosk Terminal or Tablets. Inmates can reply to emessages when its prepaid by family and friends.

Responsibility for Charges

These calls are similar to collect phone calls in that you have to agree to accept the call and the charge is placed on your phone bill. The charges are comparable to those of collect calls so as not to be too expensive.

As the calls are comparable in expense to collect calls, they can add up very quickly. So please be careful in accepting any phone calls as you, not the inmate, are responsible for payment

Choosing Not to Receive Calls

If you do not want an inmate to call you, you can block the phone call by following the prompts when a call is placed to you.

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