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New Commitments

Inmates being committed to the jail are limited in the amount and quantity of personal property they may bring with them into the institution. 


Inmates are permitted one full set of clothing being worn at the time of incarceration, but no extra baggage, clothing or luggage. Personal clothing will be stored in a secured area during the term of incarceration and "prison issue clothing" will be worn in most instances as daily attire. 

Court clothing or exchange of personal clothing in storage may be done upon request in 30 day intervals as needed. Soiled personal clothing will be laundered, dried, and returned to storage upon request.


Jewelry is limited to a plain / traditional wedding band (no stones), and a religious medallion no larger in size than a "half dollar" that has been approved by the prison chaplain. Medallion chain must be a thin style so as not to present a personal or security risk to the wearer. Items of "value" should not be brought into the prison.

Glasses, Dentures & Other Medical Devices

Eye glasses, contact lenses, dentures or other medical devices and prosthesis approved by the prison medical staff are acceptable. Prescription medication will be accepted following verification by prison medical staff, but only if the medications are in the labeled prescription container, are "current" in the "use by date", and are not mixed with other types of medicine.

Purses, Wallets & Currency

Female purses no larger than 16"x 16" and male/female wallets will be stored, but contents of both should be limited. 

Currency will be logged, a receipt issued and all money placed into a prison account in the prisoner's name. The prison operates an inmate commissary where purchases may be made on a credit/debit accounting system, so coins and currency are not used per se. 

Photographs & Books

Personal photographs are permitted, but are limited in quantity to no more than five, and no larger than 5 inches by 7 inches in size. 

Religious books (such as the Bible, Quran, etc.) are issued via the prison Chaplain's office upon request. All other reading material is provided by the prison or must be purchased through the Publisher's Only Rule after arrival.

Prohibited Items

Venango County Prison is a tobacco free facility. The following items are not allowed: 

  • Alcohol
  • Cell phones or other similar items
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronic games or devices
  • Pagers
  • Perishable food stuffs
  • Radios
  • Tobacco products
  • Pocket knives or any other weapons that could be used effectively to escape or aid in any assault or insurrection.

It will be the responsibility of the prisoner or the transporting agency to remove these items from the prison. Illegal drugs found on the person or in the property of an inmate will result in criminal prosecution.

Prison-to-Prison Transfers

Prison-to-prison transfers of inmates will be permitted to bring a minimum of personal and legal materials germane to their period of confinement at this facility. 

Commissary items must be compatible to items sold in the Venango County Prison commissary and not be excessive in quantity. All commissary items should be in sealed or unopened containers. One way transfers should make arrangements to have excess property sent home or disposed of prior to leaving their current facility. 

Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but are likewise subject to the restrictions and limitations imposed by the transporting agency. Venango County Prison reserves the right to reject acceptance of any excessive or unauthorized property.

Liability & Unclaimed Property

Venango County Prison limits liability on personal property items stored at the prison. Reimbursement for property lost, stolen, unaccounted shall not exceed $25. Arrangements should be made to send property of value out of the prison immediately. 

Excess property or personal property unclaimed for 30 days after release from custody will be considered abandoned and will be destroyed. Commissary items must be picked up within 72 hours of an inmate's release.

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